Reading a handful of ‘coffee’ blogs each morning is a wonderfully productive way to ease into the first hour of your work day. Skip the celebrity gossip sites and personal social media outlets and make your small business the priority. Make 2013 the year your morning reading habits change for the better. This week we’ll bring you the first 5 blogs for tips on running your small business.


Neil Patel’s ‘day job’ is working with mega-corporations like GM and Amazon to increase website traffic. His blog, however, is a labor of love. Topics run the gamut: leadership, social media, SEO. As a first generation American entrepreneur, Neil’s thoughts come from a self-made rags to riches viewpoint. Bonus: his prodigious use of infographics brings some pizazz to boring stats and mundane processes.

Seth Godin

This insanely popular blog with archives going back more than a decade is an absolute must-read for anyone in any business. Seth’s posts range from abstruse (more Confucius than corporate) to educational (“Industrialists v. Capitalists”) to practical (3 ways to deal with a necessary downgrade in your company). Regardless of content, Seth is always interesting, intelligent and informative…and often pretty darn funny.


The best parts of Mixergy are their interviews (800 and counting) with successful entrepreneurs. It’s invigorating and inspiring to read stories from the trenches: people like you doing what you do and making things happen. And, because they are interviews rather than exposition you get to hear it straight from the mouth of the maker.

blogMaverick by Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is everywhere. From reality TV (Dancing with the Stars & Shark Tank) to sports (notorious fan/owner of NBA’s Dallas Mavericks), he’s quite the ubiquitous billionaire. He’s also a really smart guy. His posts are sporadic in their length and frequency, which is part of the fun. As you read, you can picture Cuban talking to a buddy on his 40 million dollar private jet en route to some exotic locale: ”I’ve been thinking…”

Killer Startups

The coolest idea within Killer Startups is the small business submission section where entrepreneurs submit their new startup and invite feedback from the masses–”tapping the wisdom of crowds to find the next big internet thing.” Subscribe to the blog and get daily pearls from staffers and guest bloggers alike who, for the most part, are young professionals with startups of their own. Recent topics include hiring tips, email organization, SEO for retailers and plenty of small business case studies.

Check back next week for 5 more can’t-miss blogs in 2013.