Anatomy of the In-House IT Guy

In the eyes of many, the in-house IT guy can make the workplace an interesting or dull environment depending upon characteristics and persona. When most people think of the anatomy of an IT guy they tend to sum it up in one of two terms. Either the in-house IT guy is a geek or a […]

Typewriter History Infographic

Nearly everyone today owns a personal computer, but what came long before computers? Typewriters… that’s right the old-school typing machine that collects dust in yours or your grandfather’s attic. We created an infographic to chronicle the history of the Typewriter from its beginnings up to who still uses them today. And why didn’t companies ever […]

5 Ways to Access Your Business Files Remotely

If you were to survey business professionals to discover how they access their work files remotely, you will find that the number of methods being used is constantly increasing. Thanks to new technologies and high speed broadband, the 9 – 5 cubicle environment is slowly disappearing. Here are a few of the top ways business […]

7 Tips to Help Manage Your Email Inbox

As a business professional, you probably receive a large amount of emails each day, likely in the hundreds. Looking though your email inbox makes you wonder how it got out of control so quickly. Which messages are important? What emails can wait until later? Where did the junk emails come from? Why are there so […]