Law Firm Startup Technology Checklist: What does your new Business Need

These four online tools can make the lives of startup lawyers easy like Sunday morning. CLIO – Cloud-Based Law Practice Management Software Clio serves as the tech backbone for any law practice. Twice as endowed as any human, Clio has four arms: Practice Management, Time & Billing, Collaboration, and Integration. Practice Management is simply a […]

4 must have web-based tools for Real Estate Firms

Buying a home is a life-changing landmark for most, but a day-to-day grind for real estate agents. These 4 must-have web-based tools will improve efficiency without sacrificing that personal touch. 1. Dropbox for file management Email file. Download file. Change file. Upload file. Email file. This system of file management is already antiquated. To keep […]

4 ways to make your business seem bigger than it is

Being an entrepreneur can be the loneliest profession in the world. But that doesn’t mean your clients have to know it’s just you behind the scenes. These four tips will make your business seem larger than life. 1. Conquer the Phone – Hire an assistant…virtually. Even in a tech-infused (and often tech-confused) world, sometimes your […]

Top 5 Best Web Based Accounting Programs

When researching Web Based Accounting software to use with your small business, you want to make sure that it includes a few things right away: Ability to access anytime / anywhere, the program operates on multiple platforms such as Mac, PC, and Mobile devices, and the ability to share with outside help. The advantage of […]