Streamline, simplify and save with a hosted desktop

Computer desktop bloat, like those extra pounds we all put on, creeps up with an almost insidious inevitability. Desktop applications, suites, gadgets and gizmos populate and slow down our hard drives and processors, and what was once agile and responsive has gradually become – you know, bloated. You want to keep up with those enterprise […]

Why Switching to VoIP is Good for Marketing

Because of its convenience and low cost, businesses have been switching over to VoIP mainly for practical reasons. VoIP is attractive to new and growth companies because they view it as a cost-effective way to stay in touch with clients. However, VoIP is attractive to older companies because it can help change their business’ perception […]

Three Reasons To Employ Small Business VOIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become a steadily increasing feature-rich and cost-effective option for business telecommunications everywhere. Because a VoIP provider essentially uses Internet protocols to transmit data, rather than using costly analog telephone lines, the VoIP provider is able to pass on the savings to their customers in comparatively very low monthly fees. […]

Things to Consider Before Choosing Hosted Desktop Vendor

Small business operators are constantly juggling numerous tasks and wearing many hats as they strive to be competitive and grow their operations. It goes with the territory. One area that has long stymied smaller businesses is in bringing the most current technology into their organizations. That has changed thanks to the cloud and to the […]