VoIP Migration: Things to Think About While Setting Up Your Telecommunications Future

VoIP migration can perhaps seem overwhelming if your business has been using analog phone systems for many years. It doesn’t have to be that way if you’ve prepared for the transition of taking your phone system online. Much of this has to do with analyzing what you really need as well as educating everyone in […]

Benefits of IP Phones and Why they are a Must Have for Businesses Today

Large businesses are at an advantage when they use IP Phones in their call center since they enable them to extend their reach and network globally. This type of network helps businesses operate smoother and provides them with communication that is uninterrupted. It provides a huge array of features that help any business function efficiently […]

Hosted VoIP for Small Businesses: The Methods of Looking Like a Big Business

Hosted VoIP for a small business is going to make a significant difference in the budget returns at the end of each year. That’s because the cost savings are tremendous when switching to a VoIP system in comparison to dealing with the sometimes exorbitant charges of analog phone systems. Even better, hosted VoIP can make […]

Virtual Desktops for Real World Situations

Working from “anywhere” has become commonplace in the business world these days. According to the 2010 US Census, almost 10% of US workers work from home at least one day a week, and 6.6% of the population now works exclusively from home. For years now, traveling for business has meant staying connected throughout the journey, […]

Head for the cloud with hosted desktop services

It may be somewhat of an oversimplification to describe an iPad or Android tablet as a notebook computer that has had a frontal lobotomy. It really depends on how you use that handheld wonder, but can you do the same thing with a tablet that you can do with a full-powered laptop or notebook? The […]