Top Three Voip Benefits

More and more businesses are switching to VoIP phone solution. VoIP saves companies tons of money with one flat fee per month for many features. There are many reasons why VoIP is the better solution for businesses, but there are only three main benefits that make VoIP what it is. Here are the top three […]

Use Voice Over IP Features to Never Miss a Call

The call for the big contract comes in while the salesperson is on another line. A potential customer can’t get through to get his questions answered and moves on to your competitor. Losing important calls can cost your company business. Voice over IP features that aren’t available with traditional land lines can help you keep […]

Online Desktop Questions Answered and Fears Relieved

One of your biggest fears has happened. At the recent big strategy meeting, a vice president brought up the fact that everything on their mobile phone is now hosted on the cloud, and asked why your company didn’t have the same flexibility. He or she wants to check the stats on your company’s proprietary software […]