The Navy is Using Hosted Virtual Desktops, Are You?

The US Navy has recently announced that it is launching a hosted virtual desktop pilot program that will support 7500 users to start, and may expand depending on the results of the pilot run. Navy employees will enjoy a “bring your own device,” policy allowing employees with laptops and other devices to have remote access […]

A Virtual Desktop Can Improve and Secure Your Small Business

Instantaneous access is something that used to be only for the business giants; however, with technological advances small businesses can now easily take advantage of a Virtual Desktop. Using a virtual desktop can actually help you lower your operating costs and improve the ability you have to interact with your clients. For example, with a […]

Four Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Consider Switching to VoIP

During our recent recession, many small businesses learned what it really means to cut costs. Anything that could be altered or eliminated was up for grabs, including basic services necessary for operation. Recently many businesses have made the change to voice over IP (VoIP) for their phone service to save money. Small Business VoIP services […]

Highlights of the Best VoIP Features for Your Business

VoIP technology has come a long way and it is no surprise that its implementation is on the rise. Today many are opting for VoIP for their business because of its many attractive features. For one, VoIP is cutting call cost dramatically because it uses the latest in broadband technology rather than PSTN. For businesses […]