Small Business VOIP: Can it Help Your Brand Look Better to Customers?

VoIP for the small business is gradually becoming mainstream in helping start-ups become more efficient in more ways than one. When dealing with customer calls, a VoIP system will help you on a supreme level that wasn’t even possible just a couple decades ago. But are there also unexpected benefits to using VoIP? How can […]

VoIP Basics: What Are the Service’s Mobility Features?

When skimming over VoIP basics, you might have a feeling of being overwhelmed at the myriad features the service provides. With so many features, some of them may not be noticed enough when companies decide to utilize VoIP into their workplace. Out of all the basic features, some of the very best are the mobility […]

Hosted Virtual Desktops Clean up the Clutter

A computer desktop, much like its real-world counterpart — a coffee-stained, paper-cluttered, triple-tiered inbox adorned surface of a real desk — tends over time to need a complete sanitizing. Our work space becomes a second home, and our computer chugs along with all that personal junk we’ve accumulated, misfiled and forgotten about. Our junk magnets […]

3 Reasons a Remote Desktop is Right for You

Most small to medium businesses cannot afford to keep their own IT department on staff and so turn to IT companies that can offer more bang for the buck. The trick is choosing the right IT company that will fit with what your company is aiming to do and what your company stands for. There […]