Secure Communication with Clients with Small Business VoIP

Planning for disaster recovery usually requires a back up source of data, such as a hosted desktop. Hosted desktops allows businesses to backup their data so that in the event of a hard drive failure, businesses can still access and recover their documents without any noticeable setbacks. But the other half of disaster recovery planning […]

Key Features Outlined in the Online Desktop Tour

Ease of use, mobility, and customer support are the main reasons to choose a hosted desktop. Each component lends to the opportunity for more up-time and improved efficiency. An online desktop tour illuminates key features to help you improve your overall experience: • A familiar yet fully customizable environment: Using a platform that is already […]

Going Green with Hosted PBX: How to do it and why it is Crucial

Hosted PBX systems have become a lead replacement for traditional phone systems. These systems have recently become a perfect choice for many enterprises. According to Wiki, “A hosted PBX system delivers PBX functionality as a service.” This translates to mean that a firm’s call center is simplified with PBX services. All that you have to […]