Online Desktop Innovations

As a small business professional, you have likely heard a lot of buzz these days about why you should hire remote IT companies; or you might be wondering if you should just build your own in-house department. If you’re like many small businesses, you might have even opted to just call a freelancer in when […]

Hosted Desktop Prices and Convenience Make Them the Ideal Solution for Small Business

Hosted desktops are an exciting solution to many computer problems that small businesses have. Your maintenance is covered in your subscription and hosted desktops are the only solution that travel better than any mobile device. How Do They Work? With hosted desktops, you and your staff can take your entire office anywhere you go. It’s […]

Sources of Packet Loss in Voice Over IP

Even though it’s the holiday season, when we talk about packet loss in the world of voice over IP, we are not talking about misplaced shipments from your local UPS driver! Packet Loss refers to the data within your VOIP system that fails to reach its connection point. Each time you send data across your […]