Virtual Desktop: Safe, Secure and Suprisingly Smart

The term “cottage industry” meant work done within the home for sale in the marketplace. Today, the cottage could be anything from a park bench to the beach and home could be anywhere that is not tied down. The virtual desktop is anywhere its owner is wandering at the moment. Traveling For Business Lately, traveling […]

Transforming Company Technology With the Use of Hosted Virtual Desktops

The Windows PC, for many years, has been without competition, the main vehicle for delivery of the company desktop. However, recently, various factors have taken place to welcome promising alternatives. These factors include the throughput and capacity of networked storage, the increasing performance of servers, virtualization technology and the increased speed of networks. Virtual desktop […]

7 Benefits of Hosted Desktops

Desktop Virtualization means moving your desktop session and hosting it on a server where you can easily access it. The introduction to Desktop Virtualization given below will explain the reasons why a company should consider implementing it or not. What is Desktop Virtualization? By implementing Desktop Virtualization users are provided with a completely separate operating […]

Hosted Desktop Key Benefits

Small businesses can now play in the big leagues with the use of today’s hosted desktops. They offer small businesses cloud-based IT that’s comparable to any big corporate IT departments without the cost. With hosted desktops you can also literally have your business at your fingertips anywhere in the world without having to be a […]

VoIP Prices Help Taxpayers Save Money

In recent news, Winnipeg’s Executive Policy Committee has switched the government’s standard landline phone service to VoIP service. In a game-changing move, the Winnipeg government will now be saving its taxpayers a record, $1.5 million per year after this one switch. MTS, the company that was providing landline phone service to the government was not […]