Virtual Desktop Services: You Won’t Know How You Did Business Without It.

Once you get virtual desktop services and experience all of the many time-saving features, you’re going to wonder how you ever did business without it. Here are just a few of the many benefits that can be had with our hosted service. * Accessibility: Anywhere in the world. Anytime you need it. With any computer […]

Hosted Desktop Benefits that Enhance Employee Retention and Productivity

Managing the applications and desktops of your employees can turn out to be a big expense of money, resources and time. Virtual desktops offer a change from a physical piece of hardware of the personal computer to an instant gateway to all your documents, photos, spreadsheets, software applications and PowerPoint presentations. Some hosted desktop benefits […]

5 Common Online Desktop Questions and Answers

If your company is considering switching from an in-house desktop solution to an online desktop solution, you will probably have some online desktop questions. After all, even though online desktops have many benefits, you need to make sure an online desktop will be a good fit for your company. Fortunately, we’ve got answers to some […]

When It Comes to Hosted Desktop Prices, Is Cheaper Always Better?

So you want your company to reap the benefits of a hosted desktop solution: the extra security of having your data stored off-site, the mobility your employees experience when they can access their work from anywhere, and the reliability you get from a virtual server that stays online regardless of hardware failures. So after you […]