What Are Hosted PBX Benefits?

Communications is one of the most important parts of any business. Whether you’re a plumbing company making service calls or tax auditors working with clients you need to make sure you can make calls, and that none of the calls that come to you get lost in the shuffle. This can be a particular problem […]

The Business Benefits of a Hosted VoIP System

A hosted VoIP system can be a huge benefit to any business. These systems can offer users savings, remote access, disaster recovery, and more! If your business still makes calls without the aid of a cellular device then a hosted VoIP system is the most sensible path to choose. Optimize the Bottom Line Since your […]

Why You Should Go with a High-Quality Hosted Desktop Service Over the Alternatives

Using a hosted desktop service from a high-quality company has a number of advantages when compared to other alternatives like trying to use a dedicated server. Universal Remote Access One problem with a dedicated server is that sometimes you must have physical access to it in order to change settings. A hosted desktop system means […]

How to Choose a Hosted VoIP Service That’s Actually Cheap

Voice Over IP services are ideal for small businesses for a few different reasons related to cost. But it’s important to find a hosted VoIP service that has a high quality to really maximize these benefits. Here are a few features to look for in a high-quality VoIP service to really get your money’s worth. […]