Hosted VoIP Gives You Added Features Without Charging You Extra

Hosted VoIP is growing in use for many businesses, yet it’s still not ubiquitous. Here at Infiniwiz, we aim to educate businesses every week through our blogs on the subject. We want you to truly understand the benefits of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and how it saves money, plus the expense of hardware. But […]

Hosted PBX Companies Doing Well on the Stock Market as Businesses Search for Quality

Hosted PBX is a digital phone system that many companies (both small and large) appreciate because of its ability to combine analog and digital phone systems. But while the technology itself is helping so many companies make the hurdle over the digital divide, providers of hosted PBX need to provide a sense of quality. Companies […]

Statistics Show Virtual Desktops are Increasing Mobility in Companies More Than Ever

The idea of a virtual desktop might sound foreign to you if you’ve used desktops strictly in your office since the days when they first became available to the public. But if you’ve stayed the same all these years, you’re probably starting to feel how limiting it is as you and your employees become more […]

Hosted Desktop Benefits: Telecommuters are More Productive, Study Suggests

If you’re still wondering what the main hosted desktop benefits are, consider this: A recent study from researchers at Stanford University suggests that those who work from home are more productive than those who work in the office. According to a recent article from Stuff, a study of 250 workers from one company showed a […]