Hosted VoIP is Saving Money Even for Cash-Strapped Schools

Hosted VoIP has become the true answer for better connectivity and saving money in corporations around the world. But we haven’t heard about how it’s also helping other organizations, particularly schools. An example of this is a recent report that’s localized in Barstow, California, yet shows an example of how much money VoIP saves. In […]

Consultation Services and IT Audits: Why You Shouldn’t Refuse an Audit for Your Security

Before you take on any kind of technology, using a consultation service is a beneficial process that helps you understand what you really need. But you probably didn’t stop and realize it also doubles as a way to scope out any security issues you might have. It’s something that would benefit other companies that choose […]

Keep Your Network Healthy. Our Security Solutions Can Help.

According to an annual survey from professional services firm BDO USA, LLC, the recent cyber attacks and data security issues that a number of well known organizations have had to deal with have left executives concerned. They’re wondering about their own IT infrastructures and grappling to get security solutions put in place. The survey of […]

Want to Give Your Employees the Telecommute Option? Virtual Desktop Can Help.

According to a recent article from Entrepreneur, companies seeing success with allowing their employees to telecommute have a number of things in common. The article looked at the policies for Kaplan, Aetna, and Intuit — all of whom have been allowing their employees to work from home for many years. Each place took a long […]