Statistics Show IT Consulting is One Way to Avert Costs for a Small Business

IT consulting is a concept that’s become more of a popular choice in an age of so much cost-cutting in small businesses. Recently, All Business pointed out how new businesses have increasingly slowed down over the last few decades due to excessive costs. In the 21st century, technology has certainly been one factor in why […]

Virtualization of Hardware: A More Efficient Way to Operate

Perhaps you’ve heard of virtualization of hardware. But do you know what it means and the advantages of it? Here is some information to help you understand. * Hardware virtualization enables you to use fewer physical servers. Instead, a larger virtual server is created within a software encapsulation called a “virtual machine” or a “hypervisor” […]

Hosted PBX and Security: Safeguarding Your Phone System from Intruders

A hosted PBX system gives you a lot of flexibility in your company if you want the choice of having your phone system over an analog line or off the Internet. This technology allows both options at once, though the advantage is no longer worrying about phone company bills and expensive hardware. But perhaps you’ve […]

Vulnerability Analysis as Security Solution: New Stats Show 18% Jump in Security Vulnerabilities

It seems far too many potentially powerful security solutions have cuts in company budgets lately, at least based on new statistics. We constantly see high percentage numbers for businesses being brought down by a lack of decent digital security. This might seem surprising considering how many companies keep adding more digital technology (especially mobile devices). […]