With Major Breaches on the Rise, Have You Explored New Security Solutions for Your Business Lately?

Paste Magazine referred to 2014 as, “The Year of the Data Breach,” and rightfully so. According to recent Fox News reports hackers attacked 312 major businesses and organizations in 2014; in various industries including banking, healthcare, retail, government and many more. This means there were 23% more breaches in 2014 than there were in 2013. […]

Comprehensive IT Audits Determine What to Add and Eliminate to Grow Your Business

The idea of a comprehensive IT audit likely hasn’t crossed your mind lately, especially when the word “audit” perhaps makes you think of the IRS. This is only a misconception, because an IT audit is entirely in your favor while protecting you at the same time. Entrepreneur.com even did a piece about IT audits several […]

What Business Owners Need to Know About Hosted Virtual Desktops

There are several technical benefits of hosted virtual desktops, but business owners really just need to understand these in the context of their business. Here are three things all business owners should know about hosted virtual desktops: You get the freshest, most secure image When your business uses a hosted virtual desktop, you get access […]