A Hosted Desktop Lets You Run Your Business From Anywhere

A hosted desktop allows users to access all of the features of a PC desktop computer, without being in the office environment. This is beneficial in several ways, particularly if your business is needing to become more mobile. Since all data and software stores safely on secure, remote data centers, employees can access their data […]

Information Systems Consultation Services

Infiniwiz offers a wider variety of services than infrastructure as a service. We also offer consultation services such as comprehensive IT audits. There are a number of reasons a company may need such an audit; to be awarded some government contracts, for an insurance discount, or to gain or retain ISO certification are a couple […]

Virtual Desktops and Your Realities

When he started his own computer services company Ross Perot said that the business of bankers was banking, the business of insurance companies was selling insurance, and that he proposed to provide them with data services so that bankers could get on with banking and insurance companies could get on with the business of providing […]