How Security Audits/HIPAA Compliance is Affected by This Week’s News

The big news this week about Security Audits/HIPAA Compliance is a reminder that the government expects to begin Phase II of the HIPAA Security Rule audits starting in the fall of 2015. If you do not receive a scheduling notice, you probably skipped the audit bullet. If you receive notice that the auditors will visit, […]

Improve Your HIPAA Compliance Posture With Hosted Desktops

One of the main, and sometimes overlooked, benefits of hosted desktops for medical practices and other businesses that handle patient data is the added layer of security they add to ePHI data. There are many news articles out there reporting HIPAA violations stemming from the theft of a single computer such as this recent press […]

Transitioning Your Business to Microsoft Office 365 Email

Microsoft Office 365 Email is a great new feature that is built into several of the Office 365 business packages. Mastering this tool, however, requires a little bit of effort and, possibly, the benefit of some outside assistance. Starting with the Right Subscription There are a total of six business Office 365 subscriptions, and not […]

What are the Most Essential Successful Elements of an IT Help Desk?

The concept of an IT help desk has been around since the earliest days when computers first went into company offices. If you can remember that far back, you probably remember the times when you’d have to sit and wait on a phone line to talk to a technician, or have to wait until your […]