Three Top Advantages of Server Co-Location

Whether you are looking for more privacy or you are scaling a business, there are many advantages to server co-location. Here are three of the top reasons that you might consider moving an in-house server into a professional outside data center. Security You immediately gain the advantage of physical security by moving your in-house server […]

IT Consulting is More Than Giving Advice

Any IT consulting you invest in should provide your business more than parroting impractical data and recommendations with no perspective on application. What follows is a structural outline for the expectations you must have of your IT consulting firm based on successful implementations. Specifically Define Your Needs. Create relationships with third-party professionals based on your […]

Network and Security Compliance: Five Key Steps

Maintaining Network and Security Compliance not easy for either public or private companies. There are many reasons for this but three of the most compelling are cloud based computing systems, the pervasiveness and growth of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, and the “Shadow IT” within organizations. These are the IT systems and solutions build inside the network […]