Business Benefits of Logical Network Design for High Availability

A truly problem free business network starts with a logical network design coupled with an infrastructure built from the ground up with high availability as a core focus. A Solid Network Design Reduces Outages and Business Expense A recent ICT report put the cost of an infrastructure outage at $100 Thousand USD per hour for […]

Exciting New Changes Ahead for Microsoft Office 365 Email

Over the years, many of us have become lazy with our Google searches. Sometimes we know how to spell certain things, yet we type in collections of letters we know are wrong; with the confidence that Google will offer us the right correction in a dropdown list. Our mobile phones autocorrect for us as well. […]

The Benefits of Backing up Your Data Online

If your business depends on data, chances are you’ve lost sleep worrying about the possibility of something happening to that data, and for good reason. For many businesses, losing important data can be a major setback, and for some, it can mean the end. Backing up your data is a necessity, but just making a […]

Top 3 Benefits of Virtualization of Hardware

Instead of reorganizing your server room to improve cable management or fit in a few extra machines, why not look into the virtualization of hardware? There’s a plethora of advantages to virtualizing your servers, especially when it comes to saving on space, power, and money. In this post, we’ll consider three of the most important […]