Hyper-V Replication Avoids Downtime

A server’s failure can bring operations to a sudden halt. If your website goes offline, that can stop sales and make your business look unreliable. If an internal database fails, employees can find themselves stuck with nothing to do. A failover server can protect against this scenario and keep you running. It’s a twin of […]

Security Audits and HIPAA Compliance

If your computer system stores individually identifiable medical information on people, you may be subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). It places strong requirements to protect this information, and the fines for violations can be big. Facilities may be subject to auditing by the Office of Civil Rights (OCR). […]

The Tenets of Network and Security Compliance

The rules governing network and security compliance are in a constant state of flux. The main factors that determine why these changes occur are advancing network technology and those that try to take advantage of this technology by breaching its security, otherwise known as cyber criminals. Legislation for compliance usually comes from a governing body, […]

Moving Your Server to a Co-Location Facility

When it’s time to take your server online, you’ll want to make sure that your potential server co-location facility is a good match for your needs. Co-location means you’ll be given part of a rack in a data center to host your server, but you should make sure the host is a good fit for […]

Free Consultation Services By Infiniwiz

There are two main reasons why many companies do not have the right technologies installed in their business. The first is that they do not know what they need, and the second is they don’t know what their options are. By letting Infiniwiz provide you with a free consultation, you can get answers to both […]