Do Not Ignore Your Network Architecture

Much like building a house, building your network requires lots of thought and planning. Poor Network Architecture can cause even the most well thought out network to crash under its own weight. Companies like Infiniwiz exist to help your business’s network stay strong. If you’re building a house, you would never go into the process […]

How Hosted Desktop Can Enhance BYOD Data Security

Hosted Desktop and BYOD are both fast developing trends in today’s IT world. Each has significant advantages in its own right. But when combined, they can deliver even greater benefits. BYOD is an acronym for “Bring Your Own Device,” the practice of employees using their own personal smartphones, tablets, and laptops on the job. Surveys […]

Why Virtualization of Hardware is Essential

There is a good reason city planners choose to expand upwards rather than outwards: space. In a congested area where land is expensive, looking upwards becomes necessary. The same is true for your IT infrastructure. By building on top of your existing hardware you can get the most out of your space and your budget. […]

When IP Addresses Collide

Each computer on your local network needs its own IP address. If the network isn’t configured properly, you can see messages on your computer like “Windows has detected an IP address conflict.” This means you’ve got the same IP address as some other device. One or both of the devices will have problems connecting to […]