What Is Virtualization And Why Should You Care?

Virtualization preserves more than just your business data – it preserves your entire system.
Files are still backed up to a local server, but the process is much more sophisticated than
with other types of data backup.

Stop Wishing For Better Tech Support—Call Infiniwiz

Trying to manage your technology needs on your own can be intensely frustrating. With your business is booming and your time at a premium, handling your company’s IT yourself just isn’t going to be possible. It must be delegated to an outside partner for your growth strategy to work. You’ve tried to do IT support in-house – but now you want better tech support.

Semper Fi: Never Negotiate With Cyberterrorists

A recent report by the U.S. Marine Corps indicates an unintended data disclosure, the result of a single accidental keystroke. Never backing down from a fight, learn from Jarheads how to best defend yourself from a data breach and strengthen your position! Have you ever thought twice about clicking “send” after drafting an email? We’re […]

Problems with Two-Factor Authentication in Office 365?

We noticed that some people are having problems using Microsoft Office 365 with two-factor authentication (2FA) (also known as multi-factor authentication).   We have a few tips for you here. First: It’s important to know that when your admin sets up 2FA for your Office 365 users, they must enable Modern Authentication (MA) for Exchange […]

3 Quick Ways To Ensure The Security Of Your Windows 10 PC

Here are 3 Quick Ways To Ensure The Security Of Your Windows 10 PC.