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How Do You Buy Managed Services From A Chicago IT Company?

The Chicago IT company may bill using either a flat-monthly or pay-per-use billing model – depending on the nature of the service. The subscription price typically is determined by one or more of the following variables

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What Does Our Fax Service Look Like?

Infiniwiz is focused on providing exceptional IT support in Chicago and surrounding areas, but we also offer various add-on services. We’ve been asked before what our fax service looks like and how it works – so let’s take an inside look at our fax services.

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How Are Managed IT Services Delivered?

You’ve probably heard lots about the benefits that managed IT services can offer – efficiency, lower costs, etc. But do you know how they actually work?

Hardware As A Service (HaaS)

How Can Hardware as a Service (HaaS) Benefit Your Chicago Business?

Instead of having to invest in new hardware by paying all at once, and seeing the ROI over the course of its life, what if you could budget for hardware in a “pay-as-you-go” fashion?

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