Most small to medium businesses cannot afford to keep their own IT department on staff and so turn to IT companies that can offer more bang for the buck. The trick is choosing the right IT company that will fit with what your company is aiming to do and what your company stands for. There are several items that will rank highly among most small business owners; chiefly pricing, availability, and services provided. Of those services one thing that stands out in this technological age is a, Online Remote Desktop.

For those of you who aren’t entirely sure what a remote desktop is, it is software that allows access to specified files and computers from a, you guessed it, remote location. This can come in handy for any number of reasons, but here are three that top the list.

• IT Support – In addition to the general ease of access for IT guys to hop on and fix a glitch, the remote desktop allows for remote software and system licensing. Basically, all the expensive software and systems you, as a business owner, would constantly have to upgrade and maintain are now in the cloud of your IT company. These are accessed through the remote desktop for one low monthly fee. Also, since the IT company is utilizing remote desktop all the maintenance and upkeep is on their end so you don’t need to have IT workers in your office all the time to do that job. The kicker with IT support is they guarantee 99.9% uptime with remote desktop or your money back.

• Accessibility – This remote desktop is not only for use by the tech guys. You, the business owner, or those of your employees entrusted with such awesome power, can also hop onto your system remotely. This allows work to be conducted on the go. An employee on a business trip can update stats and numbers for a presentation in real time as they log into the system. The business owner, on vacation and sitting on the beach, can hop onto the remote desktop and check on how things are running in their absence and maybe even sneak a little work into that vacation when no one is looking.

• Instruction – The last perk is that a remote desktop allows for learning new skills from a remote location. Say you are a small business that has just expanded to open a new location. Whether that location is in the next town over or on the next continent over, you or your trainers can teach those employees how to run your systems with hands on teaching, even when you aren’t right there. Instead of paying to send one of your veteran employees to the new site to bring everyone up to speed, you can cut out travel time and do it from your main office.

Bottom line, remote desktop is one of those items an IT company can offer that is a game changer. Utilizing such technology can not only save you time and money, but also frustration. To see how our IT company can be a game changer in your business contact us.