Nearly everyone is familiar with the Microsoft Office e-mail client, Outlook. Whether you’ve been using Outlook for years and swear by it or have exiled it to the realm of forgotten software, you’ve likely used it at some point. Since Microsoft released their 365 subscription service in 2013, there have been quite a few changes to Outlook and other programs in the suite, most of which are for the better. Here are a few tricks to boost your productivity while using Microsoft Office 365 email.

Sync Your Contacts From Anywhere

Are your contacts scattered all over the internet and across your various social media platforms? Are you sick of digging around in your old e-mails for that old message from a LinkedIn recruiter? You can now sync your contacts from social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and other places, right into your Outlook contact list. Click the “Link Contacts” button and Outlook will walk you through the rest.

Analyze Your E-mail Activity

If you’re managing company e-mails, or you just like analyzing data, the Mail Protection Report plugin works like an analytics platform and is powered by Excel. Download the plugin, install it in Excel, and the system will generate reports about e-mail activity. Reports include information about how much spam is coming in, who is sending or receiving the most e-mails, and more. It gives you some helpful insights into your productivity.

Create a Custom Search Folder

You can create a new search folder with parameters that you set. Search by keywords, contact names, and other variables. Once you set the search folder, Outlook will automatically update it as matching emails hit your inbox. This is a handy tool for creating a separate folder of your most urgent emails.

Automate Tedious Tasks

Quick Steps and Quick Parts are two new useful Outlook tools. With Quick Steps, you can automate repetitive actions you do in Outlook every day, like forwarding, flagging, or deleting e-mails. The Quick Steps menu is under the “Home” tab, where you can select predefined automations or create your own. Quick Parts will autofill common phrases that you find yourself typing all the time. The best part is, both features are customizable, so you can pick the tasks and words that get automated. When you want to save a phrase to Quick Parts, simply highlight, click the “Insert” tab, and save.

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