Being an entrepreneur can be the loneliest profession in the world. But that doesn’t mean your clients have to know it’s just you behind the scenes. These four tips will make your business seem larger than life.

1. Conquer the Phone – Hire an assistant…virtually.

Even in a tech-infused (and often tech-confused) world, sometimes your client just wants to pick up the phone. With clients around the world, how can a small business provide and afford this personal touch? By using the Web for all your business calls with a VoIP with a virtual assistant. While secretaries of the Mad Men-era had to dutifully sit right outside the boss’s door, today, you have the option of an auto-attendant–a customized, professionally recorded greeting with multi-level menus, voicemail, company directory and virtual conferencing room. Even if your company is three people working remotely from home, your phone service will be Fortune 500 worthy.

2. Conquer the Payroll – Free (and intelligent) help IS out there.

All year round capable college students are looking for opportunities to pad their resumes. Let them use you. An online ad for an unpaid internship should garner dozens, if not hundreds of responses. Weed out the bad; interview the good. Not only can you find someone to answer phones, sort through emails and run errands, you may just find someone worthy of partnering with in the future.

3. Conquer the Web – Best. Site. Ever.

You only get one opportunity for a first impression. For potential clients, chances are your website is that first impression. Take the time and spend the money to make your site amazing. Outsource the site design if you have to (and yes, that includes redesigning the logo you drew on the back of a bar napkin). One cost-effective way to give your business that shiny new look is crowdsourcing. But when it comes to crowdsourcing, keep in mind, you won’t have the luxury of procrastination–for quality results, designers need timely feedback. The writing should be informative but quippy. The photos should be vibrant. Make sure it is easy to navigate and even easier to contact you directly. The smallest details can make the biggest difference. When potential clients are already at your site, don’t let them slip away!

4. Conquer the Email – ????

As an entrepreneur, you certainly are wearing many hats, maybe even all the hats. Shhhhh…it can be our little secret. Use different email addresses for legal, HR, copywriting, sales, IT or whatever else. Sure, all those emails are forwarded to you, but again…our little secret. As for employee emails, go ahead and use their (your) first and last name. After all, does anyone need to know there is only one Sarah in your office?

Now get out there and fake it ‘til you make it. Act the part of the business giants and soon enough you’ll be one.