Buying a home is a life-changing landmark for most, but a day-to-day grind for real estate agents. These 4 must-have web-based tools will improve efficiency without sacrificing that personal touch.

1. Dropbox for file management

Email file. Download file. Change file. Upload file. Email file. This system of file management is already antiquated. To keep your real estate firm working together efficiently and accurately, use Dropbox file management service. With Dropbox, your team can store, edit and share files of unlimited size on Dropbox servers. Security is top-notch and all your data is backed-up in real-time. You can even send read-only links to clients who aren’t Dropbox users. Create project-specific folders for the entire team and everyone can stay organized together.

2. Hosted desktop for remote work

Sure, your real estate firm has a central office. But, the very nature of the business is to almost always be on the go: showing and selling. With a hosted desktop system, your team can access their in-office computer (including all the applications, emails and files within) from any Internet connection in the world. Beyond reliability and accessibility, a hosted desktop system will save you a bundle in IT costs. No more server hardware upgrades or on-site IT repair.

3. CRM program for internal collaboration

In real estate, it really is all about the client. Without the client, there are no sales, no money and no jobs. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program, such as SalesForce, assures that your team is on the same page when serving your precious clients. The customer management half of the program is vital for gathering and storing information on each client your firm takes in. Easy access to the specific history and preferences of a particular client helps to assure customer satisfaction. The relationship management half of the program maintains efficient collaboration amongst your staff when it comes to contacting clients and landing the sale.

4. Telephone system with emailed voicemail transcripts

You can’t always be there to pick up the phone. Maybe you’re with another client or your family. Whatever the situation, you still need to find out the who, why, when and where of that phone call. Instead of taking the time to listen to the message and take notes (and not lose them!), have your voicemail transcripted and emailed to you. Services like Google Voice and PhoneTag will do just that. You can further streamline by getting a VoIP telephone service with a voicemail transcript feature. That way, all your messages will be available to either listen to or read, and instead of spending time replaying that message, you can spend time on what really matters…that personal touch with the clients.

On the phone, on email, on the go–real estate means being a lot of things to people that are counting on you with their everything. These four tools should help keep you at the top of your game.