There is a good reason city planners choose to expand upwards rather than outwards: space. In a congested area where land is expensive, looking upwards becomes necessary. The same is true for your IT infrastructure. By building on top of your existing hardware you can get the most out of your space and your budget.

Virtualization of hardware does for servers what skyscrapers did for cities: it allows for a more compact, economical, and diverse approach to infrastructure. Virtualization technology allows for a company to multiply the effectiveness of their physical hardware by “virtualizing” multiple physical machines. A single server with good virtualization software can become multiple virtual servers with the ability to perform countless different tasks. Just like a large office building, projects can be compartmentalized and controlled much easier while maintaining a smaller footprint.

Virtualization can also allow for a company to run many different operating systems, business applications, and versions of software at a fraction of the cost. By virtualizing, there is no need to purchase additional hardware to maintain backwards compatibility for an app. With a few clicks, an entirely new machine can be created with an infinite number of customization’s. The machine can just as easily be terminated, freeing up resources to virtualize even more machines.

Virtualization is one of the most useful tools for businesses of all sizes. With good virtualization software, physical hardware’s power can be multiplied many times its physical footprint at a fraction of the cost of buying new hardware. If you are interested in getting the most out of your hardware, contact us to see how virtualization can benefit you.