Hosted virtual desktops offer business owners and IT managers ease-of-use. Virtual desktop and Cloud desktop are terms that are interchangeable and simply mean merging simple operations of a basic office computer with The Cloud offering scalability, mobility and cost effectiveness. Below are some features and benefits of utilizing virtual desktops and why your business can benefit from using them.

Saves Money

You are able to reduce your IT costs immensely with hosted virtual desktops since there is no business software or expensive office computers to purchase. There is no more spending astronomical CAPEX costs that comes attached to those high-end office computers. Instead, you can benefit from thin client devices that are inexpensive and easily connect to your cloud desktop which saves you hundreds of dollars per traditional office computer.

No Hardware Upgrade

You are hosting all your machines offsite with virtual desktops meaning there is no more need to upgrade employee computers. By taking advantage of this type of desktop, you can now focus on your business and have an outsourced professional network monitor all virtual hardware making upgrades if needed.

Backup Automation

With hosted virtual desktops, you no longer have to worry about backing up your data daily. Many virtual providers do this for you automatically and give you access to your data if hardware failure should happen. This feature by itself is quite valuable should anything catastrophic happen to your important data.

Instant Business Applications

Run Microsoft Office, billing applications, QuickBooks and client management applications like ACT, GoldMine, SugarCRM and other business applications in the cloud just as you would on your desktop. Many include licensed copies of Word, Excel, Outlook, Access and other Microsoft Office products.

Green Friendly Business

Virtual desktops are not only cost effective, reliable and instant, but also help with saving our environment. The traditional office computer and server runs non-stop drawing 24 hours worth of power a day in order to stay connected to the Internet. Electricity is drawn regardless if there are no emails being delivered or other online activities happening.

With a cloud infrastructure, you get almost 30 times more energy efficiency than with office servers running all day. You are able to use thin clients with virtual desktops which draw almost 20 times less power when compared to office computers. Cloud servers and hosted virtual desktops provide more energy efficiency because of the whole visualization design and the on-demand resources allocation.

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