Many business are already using a cloud service for their IT needs,while others remain skeptical. Here are 5 benefits of a hosted desktop service to consider if you’re trying to decide whether or not to make the jump from traditional hosting to a hosted desktop service:

1. Mobility: A hosted desktop service gives employees the flexibility of locating files and knowledge from any location. This is great news for global businesses and any business that requires its employees to travel. Having immediate access to company business is perhaps the greatest benefit of a hosted desktop service.

2. Financial savings: Every business likes to save money, and a hosted desktop service offers plenty of opportunities for cash savings by drastically reducing the cost of IT services every year. Instead of spending money annually on licensing and desktop management and support, companies who outsource their IT services only have to pay for the hosted desktop, not for an entire IT department.

3. Higher productivity among employees: When employees can access company information from any location, they spend less time waiting on responses from co-workers. They are also able to capitalize on their downtime during business trips. Companies can also consider giving employees more flexible schedules, and employees who are trusted to work from home or other locations end up producing more work because they feel empowered by their companies and their ability to work remotely.

4. Increased security: Hosted desktops perform daily data back-ups for their clients, and data is stored in a secure data center complete with 24 hour security and protection from fires and other natural disasters. In short, cloud computing companies have more to lose because they are dealing with a multitude of clients, therefore they have the best security systems available. All this means your files are as secure as they can be when you entrust them to a trustworthy hosted desktop service.

5. Scalability: Outsourcing IT to a remote hosted desktop gives companies the freedom to scale their IT requirements up or down depending on their business model. Companies can add or remove employees, data, storage, and applications and only pay for what they use.

Using a hosted desktop is one way for businesses to save money while increasing employee productivity and overall company security. For more information on the benefits of using a hosted desktop, contact us today.