Desktop Virtualization means moving your desktop session and hosting it on a server where you can easily access it. The introduction to Desktop Virtualization given below will explain the reasons why a company should consider implementing it or not.

What is Desktop Virtualization?

By implementing Desktop Virtualization users are provided with a completely separate operating environment away from their local physical system.

In most cases, the hosted desktop platforms are provided on servers on the company’s data center and the Operating System, Applications and User Data are hosted on the servers there instead of being loaded on to the user’s computer.

Hosted desktop solutions are gaining in popularity as a result of our society increasing adaptation to mobile computing. These virtual desktop solutions are bridging the gap between a personal computer and a portable mobile device. Hosted desktops achieve this goal through a number of ways.

A description of 7 Benefits of Hosted Desktop follows:

1. You can access your desktop from anywhere through LAN, WAN including your broadband at home anytime you want.

2. The majority of desktop virtualization solutions support local USB drives, local printing and graphics as they a rendered on a server and not on the local computer.

3. Centralized operating system and application updates and migration can be done on a regular basis at the data center for a group of virtual desktops by a trained engineer.

4. Desktop solutions integrate well with corporate directories such as Active Directory/LDAP and users can apply for a User Access Policy based on the role they hold, where they operate from and the type of device they use.

5. Hosted desktops increases security through the centralized administration and antivirus and firewall can be applied and monitored at the Data Center. Any applications that can be accessed by the users and run by them can be restricted and tracked.

6. Hosted desktops offers a faster, more reliable and easier back-up and recovery of all the user’s data due to the centralized hosting and administration at the Data Center.

7. Authorized users can access the centrally hosted applications via desktops, smartphones and other devices.

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