Client Profile

Marina Shapiro CPAs, Inc is a full service firm of Certified Public Accountants in Highland Park, Illinois, a near northern suburb of Chicago. The group specializes in financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting and taxes for businesses and individuals, and they are certified consultants for QuickBooks and Peachtree accounting software. With five partners and twelve accounting professionals on staff, the group continues to successfully grow. Prior to using all three Infiniwiz services, Marina Shapiro CPAs, Inc. used Google to host their email, an in-house server and Verizon phone service.

The Challenge

Marina Shapiro CPAs, Inc. needed to put in place a new cloud-based IT system. Amongst other concerns, they also wanted to make the company more environmentally friendly, reducing their ‘carbon footprint’ and going ‘paperless’ as much as possible. Whether a business is transitioning between cloud service providers or platforms, or making the leap to operating in the cloud for the first time, that company needs stability, safety and security in their critical communications.

Enter Infiniwiz.

The Solution

Professional email service, software maintenance, security and around-the-clock support are all taken care of. Now, the company staff can concentrate on running their business, not the IT issues. All data is stored in a secure Tier III data center.

Hosted Exchange

When Marina Shapiro CPAs, Inc. needed a new email solution, the first question was simple: hosted email or in-house solution? After some initial research they found that the upfront costs to deploy the latter would exceed $20,000, and that’s NOT including the staffing needed to maintain the environment. It was clear that Marina Shapiro CPAs could not afford these upfront costs and sought an alternative solution.

With Infiniwiz’s hosted exchange, Marina Shapiro CPAs ditched the upfront costs and got instead a reliable, affordable monthly charge. Cost issues aside, the hosted exchange also improved operations. Before, employees needed to get to a specific ‘plugged in’ location to communicate online. Now, with Infiniwiz, the accounting professionals of Marina Shapiro CPAs can do completely secure business wherever and whenever.

Email is the foundation of our daily business, and email downtime directly affects our bottom line. All of our employees MUST be able to access their office email anytime and anywhere. – Marina Shapiro

From an IT perspective, hosted Exchange allows companies like Marina Shapiro CPAs, Inc. to maintain control over key elements such as mailbox creation/deletion/forwarding, data ownership, distribution lists, and more, while taking away the hassle of purchasing and managing hardware and software.

Hosted Desktop

Infiniwiz delivered a virtual server and 12 hosted desktops for the staff at Marina Shapiro CPAs, Inc. Software is upgraded when necessary in the cloud. Infiniwiz also provides around-the-clock IT support to ensure that any technical problems are ironed out immediately.

Marina Shapiro CPAs, Inc. is very conscious of the environment, so by working in the cloud they use less energy and their bills are less. The hosting takes away the need to run their own server, plus any necessary air conditioning relating to the server.

The group was also happy with the tremendous level of data security, which is very important, especially for an accountancy firm, because they work with sensitive information. Furthermore, the server sits in Infiniwiz’s data center; if anything does go wrong, Infiniwiz technicians are available to rectify the issue as quickly as possible, without the need to visit Marina Shapiro CPAs, Inc. on site.

Hosted Desktop allows for all of the benefits of an in-house server but without the capital investment and headaches associated with implementation and maintenance of the solution. – Marina Shapiro

Hosted VoIP

Like many business VoIP customers, Marina Shapiro was not familiar with VoIP or its differentiators during the initial buying process and chose Infiniwiz primarily because of its low cost. Aside from cost, what she wanted from hosted VoIP was exceptional service and versatility. Shapiro notes that she also selected Infiniwiz because of the positive experience she had with sales representative.

From a cost perspective, hosted VoIP allows Marina Shapiro CPAs, Inc. to plan for a regular monthly fee without surprise upgrade or maintenance costs. The fee is on a per-user basis so the company can easily calculate current costs and even predict costs for the future based on prospective staff growth. Since the group pays a low monthly fee and did not have a large upfront investment, they’ve taken that money and invested in opportunities to grow their business.

Making changes to the system is as simple as logging in and clicking the mouse a few times. We can adjust our entire telephone setup in minutes. – Marina Shapiro

In Summary

By switching to hosted services from Infiniwiz, Marina Shapiro CPAs, Inc. has been able to:

  • SAVE MONEY: With no unpredictable costs, Infiniwiz charges a flat monthly fee and includes 24/7 support.
  • SAVE SANITY: Important information is instantly backed up to Infiniwiz’s servers, so they never again have to worry about losing data.
  • SAVE TIME: Software updates happen automatically, customizing individual setup is quick and painless, and the staff can create an office-like environment anytime, anywhere.

We know exactly what our monthly IT costs are. Plus, with Infiniwiz, we get personalized support of a reputable company. – Marina Shapiro