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Mar 17, 2023

Addressing the Threat of Phishing Attacks: Insights and Best Practices from the Phishing 2023 Report 

Hacker hand using keyboard typing bad data into laptop computer online system and spreading to global stolen personal information, fingerprint. phishing Phishing is an ongoing security problem for users, where hackers continuously refine their techniques to deceive users into downloading malware, hacking systems, and stealing personal information. Unfortunately, the issue of phishing attacks has only gotten worse over time. 

Here are some quick facts: 

  • More than a third of users can’t define “malware,” “phishing,” and “ransomware.” 
  • Only 56% of businesses with a cybersecurity awareness and training program train all of their employees 
  • 30 Million malicious messages sent in 2022 involved Microsoft branding or products 


One of our providers has provided a phishing 2023 report for users to help them safeguard their data. Users must stay aware of ongoing phishing techniques, vulnerabilities, and resilience of all phishing attacks to protect their private information and systems. In this regard, I would like to highlight some important facts and statistics from the report. 

Key Findings:  


While there is still a need to ensure that users are aware of cyber-attacks, it is encouraging to know that according to the report, 90% of respondents understand the importance of basic email security measures. The report further states that throughout 2022, this number has increased by 3% compared to previous years.  

However, there is still a necessary need for users to understand cybersecurity awareness. Con artists understand that there are gaps in users’ awareness and will do anything to work around systems and attack. 


Password Management: 

The lack of password management is a significant issue that leaves users vulnerable to attacks. The report states that 28% of users reuse the same password on websites and work-related accounts.  

Check out one of our recent blogs here to learn how to manage passwords properly.  

Wi-fi Security: 

It was reported that 80% of the participants admitted to keeping the manufacturer's supplied admin password on their routers, which is worse than the previous year. 

Default passwords are publicly known to the public. They are simple to guess, which makes it easier for attackers to access your router, network, and any associated devices without your authorization. If an attacker has access, they may be able to steal sensitive data, install malware, or conduct other malicious activities. 

Changing the admin password strengthens the security of your network, making it challenging for hackers to decipher or guess a strong password made up of letters, numbers, and symbols. The risk of attacks is also reduced over time by routinely changing the admin password. Frequent password changes make your network more secure and lessen the chance that hackers may acquire unapproved access. 


The Reality of Phishing Attacks: 

Although many security measures can help stop cyber-attacks, malicious actors develop various new social engineering attacks yearly to deceive and exploit unsuspecting individuals and organizations.  


Overall, adopting cybersecurity best practices and remaining vigilant is crucial for staying safe. This entails routinely updating software and operating systems, creating strong passwords different from others, turning on two-factor authentication, avoiding shady emails and phone conversations, and periodically backing up crucial data. Organizations must also spend money on cybersecurity awareness training for their staff to inform them about current threats and how to defend against them. Individuals and businesses may protect themselves from the growing threat of social engineering attacks and secure their important data and assets by taking these proactive precautions. 

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