In the eyes of many, the in-house IT guy can make the workplace an interesting or dull environment depending upon characteristics and persona. When most people think of the anatomy of an IT guy they tend to sum it up in one of two terms. Either the in-house IT guy is a geek or a nerd in terms of what he looks like, what he eats, what he wears, and what he says.
So, what is your in-house IT guy like?

The In-House IT Geek

If your in-house IT guy is categorized as a geek by the people in the workplace, then it is likely that his knowledge in IT consists of expertise in a specific area with a broad range of interests in the latest technologies, gadgets, and IT practices. His knowledge can range from spewing out terms only understood by IT professionals to very astute and interesting points about IT and where the industry is headed in the future.

If your in-house IT guy is has achieved geek status in your workplace, it is very likely he is not averse to being called a geek since this means he is up on the latest technologies and is considered to be an overall “cool” person. If there is no dress code for your in-house IT guy, he may be inclined to wear jeans and satirical shirts that typically exhibit an air of sarcasm or peculiarity about his personality.

Your in-house IT guy that has achieved geek status may be inclined to eat the latest munchies for lunch while chugging down a hip energy drink. If he is in his work setting, he may have the ear buds on listening to the latest bass-infused music track while monitoring the network and performing IT upgrades and repairs.

When you talk to the in-house IT guy, he may go on and on about some technology that is about to be released and how it will change the world. Or, he may talk about the latest pop culture topic while drumming a beat on the table with his fingers to some music track he still hears in his head.

The In-House IT Nerd

If your in-house IT guy is characterized as a nerd by the people in the workplace, you probably find him extremely introverted with a broad range of IT skills in different areas. Although his skills are diverse, he may be lacking an area of specialization where he can be categorized as an expert. He will exemplify interests in computers and programming along with other areas of IT where he may dabble. On the other hand, the in-house IT guy may surprise you and be up to speed with the latest in IT practices and he may even be an accomplished engineer of sorts.

Unlike the in-house IT guy who does not mind being called a geek, the nerdy IT guy may actually take offense to being referred to in this fashion. If there is no dress code or even if there is a specific dress code, you may find your in-house IT guy dressing very conservatively in a fashion statement that describes a period of days gone by.

You may find this type of in-house IT guy carrying around a lunch pail from the past with a perfectly balanced lunch inside of a ham sandwich, piece of fruit, and a thermos of his favorite beverage. When he is in the work setting you will find him focused on the task at hand or including vague references to past technologies when he does speak to you on rare occasion. He may also talk to you about other interests which may include inventions he is working on, science fiction novels he has read, or academics.

Either way, your in-house IT guy can make the workplace interesting if he is in one of these two categories or even if he is someone in between. In any setting, he should always be given the benefit of the doubt if you want your IT needs taken care of in a timely fashion.