Client Profile

Law Office of Alexander Gruzmark is a law practice in the near northern suburbs of Chicago. With four attorneys and six support staff, the group is small, but very successful. Primarily practicing personal injury, Law Office of Alexander Gruzmark often deals with high-profile clients who demand reliable communication and constant availability. Prior to using all three Infiniwiz services, Law Office of Alexander Gruzmark used AT&T for phone and email services, and had an onsite desktop server.

The Challenge

The costs of their previous services were all over the place. Month-to-month maintenance, upgrades and fees were the source of unforeseeable expenditures.
The onsite server they used to have required pricey tape drives for backup storage. Without constant backup, a power outage or server crash would be devastating.
Enter Infiniwiz.

The Solution

Law Office of Alexander Gruzmark was diligent in their search for a hosted services provider. Seven providers, including Infiniwiz, were interviewed. Infiniwiz rose to the top. More than anything, the management was looking for a reliable provider with excellent technical support.

Most providers were in the same ballpark from a price standpoint and offered similar feature sets, but Infiniwiz stood out on quality and consistent service. – Ilona Gruzmark, office manager

Hosted Exchange

The company management knew they wanted anytime, anywhere access to their electronic communications from any device. They also wanted excellent service and the use of Microsoft Outlook–the world’s premium business email platform.

Through hosted Microsoft Exchange from Infiniwiz, Law Office of Alexander Gruzmark has access to the same electronic communication technology that its large, corporate competitors have. The attorneys and administrators can easily access email on multiple devices at the same time, and the Calendar feature within Infiniwiz Hosted Exchange has helped the firm dramatically in collaboration.

For a simple and regular monthly fee, Law Office of Alexander Gruzmark can focus on its business and let the experts at Infiniwiz manage the technology needed to do that business.

Operations have improved tremendously since using Infiniwiz’s email solutions – especially with regard to our ability to organize and manage our information and communications. – Alexander Gruzmark, Attorney at Law

Hosted Desktop

Law Office of Alexander Gruzmark had two catastrophic disasters within two years, witnessing first-hand the value in switching to a hosted desktop, in terms of safety, cost and flexibility of working.

Infiniwiz provided a hosted server and ten hosted desktops for the staff at Law Office of Alexander Gruzmark. All important and personal data essential to the running of the business is now stored in Infiniwiz’s data centers, increasing security and backup protection.

The staff had been able to work from home in the past by dialing in via a remote desktop to access data in the office, but having the hosted desktop and being able to work in the cloud has taken the business to an entirely different level. Every member of the staff can now access their desktops anywhere and anytime. Plus, they always know their data is safe and secure.

It doesn’t look any different in the office, but we feel so much more secure knowing that everything is accessible, available and backed up. – Ilona Gruzmark, office manager

In the past, Law Office of Alexander Gruzmark paid by the hour for IT support when anything went wrong. Infiniwiz automatically includes 24/7 IT support, which is invaluable for service purposes and allows for better business budgeting since it is a fixed monthly cost.

Hosted VoIP

In choosing a VoIP provider, Law Office of Alexander Gruzmark considered several things. They wanted great service, a great deal, an excellent package of integrated features including 800-number capabilities, and call center functionality that allows for queuing and routing calls. Infiniwiz turned out to be the clear winner.

Switching to Infiniwiz Hosted VoIP from their old solution (AT&T) was nearly seamless and caused no interruption to service. They set up ten extensions with unlimited calling, four of which had direct inward dialing numbers, and two virtual conference rooms.

Since the Law Office of Alexander Gruzmark has a fairly small staff, the management of Infiniwiz services has been delegated to an administrative assistant, Maria. If a staffer wants to customize their VoIP features, she can quickly and easily teach them. Once trained, employees can easily change their voicemail, recording settings and more. As always, if more complex issues arise, the Infiniwiz support staff is available 24/7.

The best part about Infiniwiz’s hosted VoIP is that even though we’re three times larger than when we started, our phone bill is a third of the amount we used to pay. Plus, we get better features and better call quality than with a traditional phone service. – Ilona Gruzmark, office manager, Law Office of Alexander Gruzmark

In Summary

By switching to hosted services from Infiniwiz, Law Office of Alexander Gruzmark has been able to:

  • SAVE MONEY: With no unpredictable costs, Infiniwiz charges a flat monthly fee and includes 24/7 support.
  • SAVE SANITY: Important information is instantly backed up to Infiniwiz’s servers, so they never again have to worry about losing data.
  • SAVE TIME: The staff can create an office-like environment anytime, anywhere.