Large businesses are at an advantage when they use IP Phones in their call center since they enable them to extend their reach and network globally. This type of network helps businesses operate smoother and provides them with communication that is uninterrupted. It provides a huge array of features that help any business function efficiently by enabling simple voice communication through the Internet. Along with this, there are a few more benefits of having VoIP for your business.

Convenient Branch Extensions

With the IP phone network, any branch in your corporation, regardless of where it is located, can be given an extension. This allows a few small offices to work like one large office, as well as saves the entire corporation money on long distance expenses. In the event a customer happens to dial a wrong branch, their call can be transferred easily to the appropriate branch.

Advanced Features

With the VoIP network, you can significantly improve communication with various features like a virtual receptionist, fax to email, call transfer, fin-me follow-me, call screening and more. If you are not in the office one day, your callers can be transferred directly to your voicemail service or they can be united with any number of your employees regardless of location.

Cost Effectiveness

Big businesses are saving a great deal of money on their telephone costs since they rely heavily on the phone for communications in their business. Since IP phones do not rely on a a costly dedicated network like the standard phone lines but rather on the Internet soley, providers can pass on cost savings to their customers.
The benefits of the IP telephone network are numerous. Relying on the traditional phone system these days will only slow a business down. To further business productivity and provide the best customer service possible, utilizing the IP phone is definitely the way to go. For more information on IP Phones as a solution for your business, contact us.