A hosted VoIP system can be a huge benefit to any business. These systems can offer users savings, remote access, disaster recovery, and more! If your business still makes calls without the aid of a cellular device then a hosted VoIP system is the most sensible path to choose.

Optimize the Bottom Line

Since your voice services are being handled by remote servers, you can scale your services to fit your needs and your budget like a glove. There is no on-site PBX hardware. This saves you money. Plus you have the ability to add or remove phone lines at any time you choose, so that you only pay for exactly what you use.

Crystal Clear Quality

Utilizing the newest technology VoIP services cut out all of the excess jitter, echo, and other distracting noises that can be present on traditional phone lines. Clarity is the name of the game when it comes to hosted VoIP systems. You’ll never have to strain your ears again when you’re talking to an important client, your boss, or a potential investor.

Recovery in Case of Natural Disaster

Natural disasters can wreck your infrastructure. Hosted VoIP systems will remain secure in the case your physical location is damaged or destroyed. Don’t get knocked out of the game. Hosted VoIP services can be re-routed via the Internet to a new location should you lose access to your current work space.

A Telecommuters Dream

A hosted VoIP system allows telecommuters and remote locations to remain connected as if they were all in one location. In tandem with detailed call reports you can view and manage all of the activity on your VoIP system.

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