When was the last time you had your IT systems audited? If the answer is “I don’t remember”, “a long time ago” or “never”, then it is time that you did so. Properly running IT systems are essential for virtually every business. If the technology you are using is out of date, or not working correctly, it can cause your business to run more slowly or with errors – which can ultimately impact your bottom-line. This is why it is important to occasionally get comprehensive IT audits of your company.

A comprehensive IT audit will give you a detailed report on your company’s technical environment, including IT personnel, hardware infrastructure and computer software. It will tell you which areas your systems are performing well in, and which areas could use some improvement. The auditor will also be able to provide you with recommendations on how you can improve your systems.

There are a few signs that will tell you when it is time for an IT audit. First, if your IT budget seems exceptionally high, and you think you are not getting your money’s worth. This is different for each business, and you will have to go over your expenses to see if you can justify what you are spending on your IT system. Second, if IT-related projects are consistently running over budget, then this is usually a sign that something is not working correctly. Lastly, if your employees are not able to work to their full potential because of the systems that are in place, this is a key sign that you may need an audit.

By getting a comprehensive IT audit done for your company, you can find out how to make things run more smoothly, and potentially save yourself some money. We know that the bottom-line is important to you, and so all of our IT audits focus on looking for ways that you can cut costs and improve efficiency.

If you would like more information on our IT auditing service, please feel free to contact us at any time. We can walk you through the process, and tell you exactly how we can benefit your company.