If you’re like many small business owners, the consumer technology products you own, (like smartphones and tablets); your observations, (of online small business success stories and buying and social trends you’ve observed in your own town etc.); and your own desire to simplify certain business processes; have caused you to see exactly why technology is essential for businesses in today’s world.

For most businesses, technology is part of the entire business building process including:

    • Building your office environment,
    • Building your brand offline and online,
    • Social networking,
    • Order fulfillment, and
    • Customer management

You likely understand already that you need a basic office with the internet and the network hardware you need to manage that connection; a computer; a printer and maybe a fax machine. You also need specialized personal or business specific devices and systems like smartphones, a VoIP system, projectors and digital cameras that are compatible with these items. However, you might not understand just yet why your small business needs to meet with an IT consultant regularly. However, if you’re serious about your business’ success in the modern business climate, your IT team is essential.

Your relationship with technology can quickly change basic business processes and make them more efficient and more effective.

    • For example, many companies have simplified their accounting processes and improved customer relations through software platforms.
    • Technology offers your business an affordable way to expand and can make your small business look larger than it is.
    • Technology helps to give companies of all sizes a competitive edge; and
    • Through modern software applications, (like music or video creation equipment, CAD design programs, database managers, etc.), SaaS platforms, PaaS platforms and so much more; a small business is able to provide services that would have been completely impossible when the Millenium began.

In addition, technology has likely improved your business in industry specific ways like through equipment upgrades, giving you things like uber-powerful microscopes and incredibly efficient manufacturing equipment.

Sometimes we find that technology is so integrated in our lives that we don’t understand the need for help to manage that integration; because we haven’t even observed the change in our own business and personal lives that has happened so quickly.

However, as you can see, it’s essential to make sure that the technology you interact with is secure, is affordable to maintain and that it functions well. Only a professional can guide you when making buying choices and guarantee that your data is secure; and that it’s backed up properly.

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