Professional IT Support In Rosemont, IL.

What do you do if your technology train hits a garbage truck and leaves you, and your business in a mess?

When technology goes wrong, it really goes wrong fast – and leaves a mess in its wake.

You don’t want that to happen to you.

Get professional IT Support in Rosemont, IL and avoid the disarray and confusion of IT trainwrecks.

Remember this trainwreck and garbage truck story?

On January 31st, 2018, NBC Chicago 5 reported that a train hit a garbage truck. It was carrying one-hundred GOP members of Congress, their staff, and some of their spouses.

They were fortunate.

There were only one fatality and one serious injury that day – the driver and the passenger of the garbage truck.

Everyone else survived with bumps and bruises being the worst of their concerns.

But the crash caused serious disruption.

It caused disruption to their trip, their agenda, the town, the train schedule, and to lives.

In your business, you don’t need disruption – especially from your technology.

Why do Rosemont IL companies need IT support?

Without the right kind of IT support, it’s easy for your business technology to go off the rails. Company leaders across Rosemont trust the managed IT services of Infiniwiz for seamless IT environments that support staff productivity.

So, the question is, what are you risking if you don’t have IT support for your company?

Protecting your business is not a project for an amateur. By engaging the right IT team to help you set up, monitor, and maintain your IT security, you are safeguarding your business.

  • You risk your data and cloud assets.

Your business runs on its data. Like many companies, you are doing more and more within the cloud. Ensuring that your data is backed up regularly and that your cloud applications are running efficiently is what an IT support company does to help you get your daily work accomplished.

  • You risk your efficiency.

Slow or sluggish computers cannot support your workflow in a way that gives you any kind of efficiency. If you don’t have IT professionals on your side, you are likely losing precious minutes each day. Over the course of weeks and months, those minutes add up to hours of lost productivity and revenue that you will never see.

  • You risk your investment.

You have put a lot into your business. You have invested time, money, energy, hopes, and dreams. But if you are targeted by a cybercriminal, all that you’ve worked for could be taken away. Unfortunately, hackers, ransomware, and malware don’t give company’s advance warning. You’re either ready…or you’re not.

  • You risk your employees’ livelihood.

In any business slowdown or shutdown, the employees are often the ones that have the most to lose. They work from week to week and pay their bills from month to month. If you have to lay them off because of a crippling cyber-attack – or worse, shut down entirely – their financial stability is put at risk.

What companies offer IT support in Rosemont IL?

Let’s face it. There are a lot of computer-fix-it shops out there.

Chicagoland businesses seem to always be on the hunt for help with their computers, servers, and mobile devices.

But just because their website says, “We serve business clients,” doesn’t mean that they are the right IT support company for your Rosemont IL business.

So with all of these options out there what should you be looking for?

Here are some tips to help you.

  • Technical Expertise – There are a lot of IT support companies that will talk a big game about their customer service, but when pressed about their ability to deliver on their service offerings they don’t have much to say. Why? Because they have a lot of experience with fixing computers, but very little experience in tailoring entire computer systems to facilitate the workflow of Rosemont businesses like yours. Find out exactly what certifications and industry experience the IT support team you’re considering has BEFORE you sign up with them.
  • Proactive IT Maintenance – It just makes sense… If you take your car in for tune-ups, alignments, oil changes, and tire rotations shouldn’t your computer systems be maintained in the same way? No, you don’t have to change the oil in your laptop. But it does need regular maintenance to give you efficient, reliable service. If the Rosemont IL IT support company you are checking out only does break/fix work, let them go and keep fishing for a better IT support team. Why? Because you don’t want an IT partner that waits until you break down to fix a problem. You want someone that will see an issue and fix it BEFORE it becomes a problem.
  • Friendly – We’ve all seen them – grumpy or incommunicative computer-fix-it guys that get in the way and make your staff feel dumb because they don’t know how a microprocessor Forget those guys! Look around Rosemont IL for an IT support team that understands how you communicate and how your employees operate. Find someone who explains complex IT issues in plain English and listens when your employees are trying to describe the symptoms they are encountering.
  • Specialization – Look for a company that specializes in your field or an industry that is similar. Why is that important? Because each industry has unique qualities and each business has tailored processes that need specialized IT consulting insight. For example, the Infiniwiz team specializes in supporting the IT needs of small to mid-size business, accounting, healthcare, non-profit, and manufacturing. If your company falls into one of those categories, Infiniwiz is the best choice to support the IT in your Rosewood IL

Is there a difference between IT support in Rosewood IL and computer repair?

There is a world of difference!

IT support companies like Infiniwiz are there for you each step of the way, offering IT consulting, IT support, Office 365 support, and a helpdesk to answer all your technology questions.

Computer repair shops are different.

They’re the people you bring your computer to after the trainwreck has already hit your IT system. They may know what to do to fix your computer. They may tell you to “turn it off and then turn it back on. Or, they may be able to do nothing for you. It’s a gamble.

In the end, “computer repair” usually means just that.

They will try to fix your computer AFTER the crash.

But they won’t help you keep your IT systems up and running to avoid the trainwreck or the downtime that is caused by the crash.

Keep your company’s trains running on time with the best IT support in Rosewood IL – Infiniwiz!

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