You Ask, We answer! Infiniwiz’s Billing Process for your business!

One of the main beliefs at Infiniwiz is that we are always transparent with our clients. We want to make sure that you are aware of our work processes in securing your business’ t …

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alignment yellow target infiniwiz process

How Our Alignment Process Helps Your Business Process

When it comes to the idea of change and having to get used to something that is not your normal work process, it can become a bit frustrating and confusing. You may have seen yourse …

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table computer Infiniwiz

The Tech Savvy Desk that Improves Your Workday

I wanted to inform you all on a useful gadget our company has been using for a few years. It might be beneficial to you and your employees as well. This gadget is called the Autonomous …

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approved rejected check red x green Infiniwiz white background Approved and rejected label sticker icon. Vector stock illustration.

The Auto Elevate Process: What do we deny and approve of?

When it comes to surfing the web, we expect that whatever app or software we need, we have the option to install it. Whether it is downloading a game or even installing a social med …

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computer typing 2FA Infiniwiz security blue hands phone

2FA: The Additional Layer of Security Against Hackers

When we think of the idea of protecting our private information, as well as our identity on the web, we look to security. We want to be comfortable in the fact that we are the only …

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