Smartphone repair abstract concept vector illustration. Cell phone repair, smartphone urgent mending service, screen replacement, data recovery, electronic device fixing shop abstract metaphor. Refurbish Equipment

Why Infiniwiz Does Not Use Refurbished Equipment

When Infiniwiz originally came to be, we made an effort to use refurbished equipment whenever clients required devices. Trial and error led us to realize that refurbished equipment ma …

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company network being hacked with ransomware. Hardware and cyber crime concept. 3D illustration. LastPass passwords

Update and Concerns on the Recent LastPass Security Incident

We have been keeping users up to date on the recent LastPass security incident that started at the beginning of August 2022. In our previous post, "Should You Be Concerned About …

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Pile of computer Hard disk drive HDD isolated on white background. Computer hardware data storage ssd infiniwiz

Why We No Longer Use Hard Drives at Infiniwiz  

Comparing capacity and price is only one aspect of selecting the best storage. Your computer's performance, including power consumption and reliability, depends on the sort of stora …

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Pop up advertisement hindering work. FBI ad links

FBI Warns of Malicious Search Engine Advertisements

  On December 21, 2022, The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a public service announcement stating that con artists are imitating brands through malicious advertisem …

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skull virus sentinelone infiniwiz malware

A Malicious Copy of SentinelOne that Steals Sensitive Information

Con artists have created a malicious package on Python Package Index (PyPI), that impersonates the cybersecurity software named SentinelOne. If you have not heard of this software b …

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