Protect Your User Credentials

Are You Storing Private Information In Excel?

3 Ways To Protect Your User Credentials When we take on a new client, we've noticed that many have been storing user credentials like usernames, passwords, pins, secret questions, and …

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Secrets to Searching Tabs on Chrome (It’s Time to Get Organized!)

Save Time and Headaches by Searching Your Open Tabs Instantly It is easy to lose track of which open tab contains the information you need when you are researching. Use this Chrome too …

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Intuitive Scheduling: The Missing Link for a Happy Office

Finding the right scheduling software can make everyone happier, and thereby make everything run a bit easier and a bit more smoothly. Here is what you need to find in the optimal sched …

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Lisker Music Foundation Fall Season 2019

Infiniwiz Is Proud To Support The Lisker Music Foundation (LMF)

We Are Proud To Support The Lisker Music Foundation Infiniwiz serves businesses in the Chicagoland area with quality IT services that increase productivity while providing a better ret …

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IT Company In Chicago

Chicago Technology Companies’ Skillsets: Questions and Answers

Chicago Technology Companies' Skillsets When the job calls for a skilled worker, only someone with those skills will do. While the layman might think there’s an overlap between, say, …

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