Using Yammer With Office 365

Social media has become an integral part of everyday life for many people. From Facebook, to Instagram and Snapchat, a growing number of internet users are embracing the power of instan …

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Computer Security

Is Anti-Virus Enough For Computer Security? (Research/Information)

There are known areas in a computer where anti-virus programs cannot detect or secure your device. Can you identify the areas your anti-virus program falls short? The staff at Infiniwiz …

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What Is a VPN, How Does It Work and Why Should I Use It?

Does it make you nervous when you consider how much of your personal information is essentially spread all over the internet? In spite of antivirus programs and firewalls, all data is s …

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Happy Labor Day 2018

Happy Labor Day (Labour Day – International Workers Day –  May Day)! [youtube]You’ve worked hard all summer. This Labor Day before …

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Computer Server Hardware

Why Do I Need A Server? Won’t a Workstation Computer Do the Same Thing?

Everyday Infiniwiz Answers Tough Technology Questions For Businesses Across The Chicagoland Region. Today's question comes from Mike. Mike is a business owner in Rolling Meadows who as …

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