Want To Drastically Enhance Your Small Business Cybersecurity?

No matter how secure you may be right now, you could always be doing more. Have you double-checked your cybersecurity lately? Review the best practices below to strengthen your small bu …

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Downtime Is Extremely Expensive – Can You Actually Afford It?

Downtime is bad for business. Whether you agree or not, it’s a fact – just a couple years ago, small businesses with up to 50 million in annual revenue reported that just a single h …

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Chicago IT Support Company Using Perch Alerting Tool

Why Do You Need The Perch Alerting Tool For Network Security?

What Is Perch? Would you know if one of your employees either accidentally or intentionally downloaded an infected application, or visited a website that triggered a virus to breach yo …

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Onboarding offboarding process

4 Reasons to Automate your On/Off Boarding Processes

Partner with Infiniwiz to Automate your On/Off Boarding Processes Let Infiniwiz help you make your onboarding and offboarding process smoother and implement checks and balances to make …

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Fitbit Amplifies Healthcare by Offering Fitness and Coaching Platform

Fitbit, a leader in health and technology, has recently introduced a new digital product to help individuals reach their goals faster with a more manageable approach. Fitbit Care is a …

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