What Are Your Company’s Responsibilities Following a Data Breach?

Learn from Marriott’s Example: Notification Responsibilities After a Data Breach Most states, the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico have passed legislation rega …

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Document Management, Confidentiality Compliance, and HIPAA Adherence

HIPAA is an everyday stressor in the healthcare industry. A computer-based recordkeeping system can help keep records secure and HIPAA compliant.   For many in the health care industr …

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Businesswoman Working From Laptop With Managed IT Services

How Are Managed IT Services Delivered?

Managed IT Services Delivery You’ve probably heard lots about the benefits that managed IT services can offer – efficiency, lower costs, etc. But do you know how they actually work …

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Stop Hackers Cold: Eliminate These Common Entry Points

Weak Points in Cybersecurity Hackers Love Do you know where hackers are most likely to gain access to your private data? Discover the favorite entry points and how you can stop them.   …

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Hardware As A Service (HaaS)

How Can Hardware as a Service (HaaS) Benefit Your Chicago Business?

The Benefits of Hardware as a Service (HaaS) Old, ineffective and problem-prone hardware isn’t just frustrating. It’s expensive, either to repair or replace. Did you know you can t …

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