Onboarding offboarding process

4 Reasons to Automate your On/Off Boarding Processes

Partner with Infiniwiz to Automate your On/Off Boarding Processes Let Infiniwiz help you make your onboarding and offboarding process smoother and implement checks and balances to make …

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Fitbit Amplifies Healthcare by Offering Fitness and Coaching Platform

Fitbit, a leader in health and technology, has recently introduced a new digital product to help individuals reach their goals faster with a more manageable approach. Fitbit Care is a …

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Key Ways to Handle End of Windows 7 for Healthcare Organizations

Top Ways to Handle the End of Windows 7 in the Healthcare Industry Microsoft will end its support for Windows 7 soon. Learn how this will affect your healthcare organization and what yo …

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Your Healthcare Business Is HIPAA Compliant—Is That Enough for True Security?

Is HIPAA Compliance Enough for Absolute Security? HIPAA is designed to help healthcare organizations keep patient information secure, but is it enough? Find out where HIPAA could be lac …

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Cybersecurity Chicago


The 2019 official annual cybercrime report predicts a business will fall for ransomware every 14 seconds. Statistically speaking, seven businesses will become victims by the end of this …

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