Arming the Next Generation of Cyber Warriors

There are everyday warriors in businesses across the country, but these individuals may never have worn the uniform of their country. This next generation of cyber warriors is being gr …

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Office 365 Migration

Do We Need A Specialist To Handle Our Office 365 Migration?

If you believe that Microsoft Office 365 is right for your business in Chicagoland, then you must carefully plan your migration. Regardless of whatever benefits it may bring to your bus …

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How Is Patient Scheduling IT Increasing Patient Happiness?

Patient scheduling IT doubles the output of booking agents and cuts the time needed to schedule an appointment in half. This can increase the happiness of patients and physicians by lo …

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Why Text and Instant Messages Make HR Professionals Cringe

IT teams have been talking about the dangers of instant messaging since the early 2000s, but that doesn’t stop business professionals from utilizing this quick n’ dirty form of com …

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IT Professionals

How Much Does It Really Cost for Businesses to Outsource IT Services?

Everything You Need To Know About Budgeting For Outsourced IT Services For today’s business leaders, making the decision to outsource the management and optimization of their IT infr …

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