Computer Server Hardware

Why Do I Need A Server? Won’t a Workstation Computer Do the Same Thing?

Everyday Infiniwiz Answers Tough Technology Questions For Businesses Across The Chicagoland Region. Today's question comes from Mike. Mike is a business owner in Rolling Meadows who as …

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Email Security Chicago

How Can You Tell If An Email Is Real Or Fake?

Verifying Email Authenticity (Questions/Answers) Not sure if an email is from a trusted contact or a tricky hacker? Check out these dead giveaways to know for sure. Email is perhap …

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Windows 10 Enterprise Is Microsoft’s Most Secure Operating System Ever

Is Windows 10 Enterprise Right For Your Business? With the threats of cyber-attack at an all-time high, there’s no better time to reexamine your company’s operating system to see wh …

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Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Propose Reducing Submission Requirements for Health IT Security Under MIPS

As providers are all too well aware, their payments from Medicare are affected by their score in the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). MIPS imposes a number of requirements; …

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You’re A Health Care Organization. You’ve Just Had A Data Breach. Now What?

Of course, you will be living in a kicked anthill for days. The trick is to make sure that all the scurrying around is not just mindless motion, but actually protects the organization b …

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