Cheap Computers In Chicago: Pros & Cons

We all love to get a great deal on whatever we’re buying, whether it’s a car or a new shirt. But it’s easy to justify buying less expensive items. After all, you don’t want a pair of shoes that will last forever. And certainly, our clothes become outdated way before they wear out in many cases. But what about technology? Should you spend your hard-earned money on inexpensive computers?

If you’re a business owner, this can be a big mistake. First of all, cheap computers typically don’t last very long – you might get a couple of years of service out of one. But you often see Mac computers that are six or eight years old. And they’re still working great. Yes, the owner most likely paid $1,500 for the Mac, but during that same time frame, you’d have to replace a cheap computer several times. Plus, the obvious: poor performance.

Are Inexpensive Computers Fast?

Not really! They often have the slowest processors on board. If the ad says “entry level processor,” that means it isn’t even fast enough to talk about. You can forget about streaming video on a cheap computer. It would be frustrating to say the least. For workers in any type of business, imagine the time wasted as employees sit and wait for things to load. You’d waste a lot of money on employee salaries to say the least.

Having lots of RAM is another important feature. If the ad says 2GB of RAM, then skip it. You’ll never have enough bandwidth to play a game on that computer. It will struggle to run programs like Office 365 and most of today’s businesses do use this software. Many companies need computers that will run Quickbooks, Office 365 and Adobe programs—all at the same time. A cheap computer can’t do that!

Today, even individuals want to be able to run several programs at once. They might have a dozen browser tabs open all at once. They might be editing an article while playing solitaire. People like to multi-task these days. You need a computer that can keep up with your needs.

What About Repairs?

If you’ve ever had to have a computer repaired, you know the fear. The tech guy will want at least a hundred bucks just to look at it. If you’ve only spent $200 on the computer, then it just doesn’t make sense to spend another $200 to fix it. Computer repair costs can be high and they won’t be going down. The trick is to buy a great computer that won’t need to be repaired until it gets 3 or 4 years old.

Can I Surf The Web?

The average person now spends 24 hours a week online. If you have a great reliable computer, you’ll enjoy those 24 hours much more than someone using an inexpensive computer. What if a new game comes out that requires a certain amount of RAM? Most computer games now require 8GB of RAM in order to provide decent performance. But some games call for 16GB of RAM. Surfing the web is painful on a cheap computer.

Do Cheap Computers Have Resell Value?

That’s an easy question to answer: No! If you only paid $200 for your computer and you keep it for two years, you won’t be able to sell it for much when you’re ready to upgrade. You might get $50 bucks for it, but most people will just give it to a child in the home. In addition, you’ll probably spend those two years waiting for a website to load. Don’t you have enough frustration in your life already?

How Much Should You Spend on Computers?

Today’s laptops run anywhere from $700 to $3000. You can get a pretty good desktop computer for around $600. Your employees may not need computers with the fastest processors on the planet. How about a good mix of cost-efficient machines and great performance? That’s when you’ll realize the best return on your investment. Your staff can get their work done but you won’t have to sell the farm in order to buy new computers. Your repair costs should be at a minimum for the first few years of service. Plus, when you do want to resell, they’ll still have value.

Is It Time For Your Business In Chicago To Buy New Computers?

If you work with a managed service provider, they’ll help you find the right product at the right price. Often managed IT service companies can give you inside information about the various computer brands. They can steer you away from making a bad deal that you’ll regret. You rely on your technology for everything from emailing to productivity. It’s a huge part of your business operations. And there are plenty of bargains these days on computers.

If you have a good working relationship with a managed IT service provider in Chicago, then ask them for help. That’s what they’re there for—to help you excel in business, and to save you time and money. They will help you decide what kind of RAM you need and how much storage space will work best. They can answer all those nagging questions you may have.

Great technology is core to your business operations. When you have excellent software and hardware, your employees can get their work completed each day with time to spare. Reliable, secure computers and Internet service are worth their weight in gold if you want to succeed in business. Inexpensive technology just won’t get the job done anymore.