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The National Weather Service is predicting a massive snowstorm for the Chicago area that will begin around 3 pm Friday. The snowfall levels are predicted to be from 3 inches to 8 inches with higher snowfall amounts around the Crystal Lake area. Lake effect snow will begin falling on Sunday, affecting neighborhoods in northwest Indiana.

A winter storm warning/watch is in effect for the entire area throughout the weekend. The heaviest snow is expected Friday night and into early Saturday morning. This type of snowfall will wreak havoc on road conditions and cause delays at the airport.

Do You Have a Business Continuity Plan?

For business owners, storms like these can wreak havoc on the bottom line. Employees can’t get to work; electricity may be out in parts of the city—the streets are always treacherous. So what can you do if you have an important job that you need to work on? You may have clients in other parts of the world. Did you know it’s summer in New Zealand? For Chicago business owners, there is a fairly simple solution.

With cloud computing, you can work from any device or location. The Cloud provides better security than storing files on servers and hard drives. Your files will be encrypted and accessible only to your employees. Your network won’t be exposed to hackers and viruses.

With Mobile Device Monitoring from Infiniwiz, employees can safely use their phones and computers. That means your people can work from just about anywhere. You can still service your customers no matter what Mother Nature throws at us.

Do You Have Current Data Backups?

This is a good time to remind business owners that it’s important to have up-to-date back-ups of all your data both onsite and offsite. You have to be prepared for things like wind damage. Heavy snowfalls can cause the roof of older buildings to collapse. Sometimes crooks take advantage of bad weather to vandalize businesses. You just never know what might happen these days. But as long as you have copies of your database stored in the cloud, your business can get back up and running very quickly.

Why Should You Choose Infiniwiz As Your IT Provider?

Below are five great benefits your business in the Chicagoland area will realize when you use our IT services:

  1. We’ll help you implement an IT management strategy using a proactive approach.
  2. Increase network uptime.
  3. Enable faster technology upgrades.
  4. Ensure suitable network security.
  5. Help you focus on your core strengths instead of IT-related issues.

The team at Infiniwiz in Rolling Meadows, IL can help you achieve your business goals regardless of what the weather is doing. We stay up on all the latest ransomware and malware threats and the solutions to defeat them.

If you have any problems or questions, contact us at Infiniwiz. We’ll have techs standing by all weekend to help our customers with any situation. We’re proud to serve our clients throughout the Chicago area with best-in-class managed IT services.

Infiniwiz delivers a wide range of IT services that can improve the way you serve your customers. Call (847) 994-1111 for a reliable Chicago IT support company.